¿Qué es el hardwarethon?


Since the beginning, the Universe, has been growing, evolving, expanding, and due to chance, it placed Planet Earth at the ideal distance from the Sun so that life could develop. And from that moment on, this life has been changing, evolving and reinventing itself, until the Hardwarethon was born, an event in which we, the most intelligent habitants on this planet (although there are those who claim that we are the third ones) put our knowledge to the test so that we ourselves can reinvent the world.This is why for the fourth edition of the Hardwarethon, we wanted to do something a little different, a kind of "geek" short film defining “What is the Hardwarethon”?

Project type: Visual Communication

Disciplines:Motion Graphics, Animation, Audiovisual Production

Client: Hardwarethon

Direction: Vibrato Studio

Cast: Hardwarethoneross

Photography: Vibrato Studio

Motion Design: Vibrato Studio

Post-Production: Vibrato Studio

Music: Vibrato Studio

Voice: Juan Pablo Blandón

DATE : August 2017


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