Arcade Adventure


The Hardwarethon is the most challenging technological innovation competition in Costa Rica and for the 2018 edition we developed a closing show that was at the height of all the talent that flows during this event. This is how we set the mission of producing a video mapping that presents in a conceptual way what is experienced during a Hardwarethon, highlighting the use of technology and, why not, a bit of the Geek culture that is experienced during the competition. But, we wanted to go a little further and worked as if we were the twelfth participant team, assembingy and producing during the event, living and enjoying to the maximum those 48 hours of creativity, teamwork and madness.

PROJECT type: Stage Design

Disciplines: Video Mapping, Motion Graphics

Client: Hardwarethon

Concept: Vibrato Studio

Direction: Vibrato Studio

Motion Graphics: Vibrato Studio

Post-Production: Vibrato Studio

Video mapping: Vibrato Studio

Music: Vibrato Studio

DATE : august 2018


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