¿Qué es el Hardwarethon?


  1. Visual communication
  2. Motion Graphics
  3. Animation
  4. Audiovisual Production

Video production explaining in an entertaining and little geeky way What is the Hardwarethon?

Costa Rica



Since the beginning, the Universe, has been growing, evolving, expanding, and due to chance, it placed Planet Earth at the ideal distance from the Sun so that life could develop.

And from that moment on, this life has been changing, evolving and reinventing itself, until the Hardwarethon was born, an event in which we, the most intelligent habitants on this planet (although there are those who claim that we are the third ones) put our knowledge to the test so that we ourselves can reinvent the world.This is why for the fourth edition of the Hardwarethon, we wanted to do something a little different, a kind of "geek" short film defining “What is the Hardwarethon”?

The Action

The Hardwarethon is the most important technological innovation event in Costa Rica, and we wanted to do something fun and at the same time a bit geeky to explain what the event consists of.

To do this, we made a video that would simulate an Animal Planet-like explanation but with the humorous overtones style of “The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy” and thus draw people's attention and give them a little of curiosity of how does it feel to participate in the event.

Humans evolved, invented technological objects, and then Hardwarethon appeared, and we had the pleasure of explaining what it is.

It was important to explain the selection process for participating teams, and the profiles a team must have to achieve amazing results.

We present a journey through time, from the origins of earth to the 48 hours lapse that the teams have to complete their projects.

We wanted to let participants know that they are in the Hardwarethon for only one thing, help reinvent the world.


We had the challenge of creating an advertisement for BMW that would lead the brand to experiment in more artistic environments. This is why we dared to use rotoscoping and frame by frame techniques to get to the finishes of the fauvist art with textures typical of acrylic paint.


Client: Hardwarethon

Direction: Vibrato Studio

Cast: Hardwarethoneros

Photography: Vibrato Studio

Motion design: Vibrato Studio

post-production: Vibrato Studio

Music: Vibrato Studio

Voice: Juan pablo blandon