A Loss of Innocence


  1. Visual communication
  2. Animation

Audiovisual installation to connect the audience with the artist’s concept in the exhibition “A Loss of Innocence”




Working collectively with the artist John Paul Fauves resulted in one of the most experimental projects we have done. It consisted in the development of an audiovisual installation for the exhibition "Loss of innocence", which was carried out with Meir Art Gallery at Shopping Stadsfeestzaal in Anwerp, Belgium.

The theme of the loss of innocence was developed as a concept in which elements of childhood were used, such as cartoons, but distorted and intervened using the artist´s unique technique to create sensations in the spectator different compared to the ones it felt when viewing cartoons in its childhood.


We took the artist’s concept for this show and generated an animated story shown through audiovisual projection installations. In them, two stages of life are presented, starting with the magic of conception and birth, the purest human being, full of innocence.

Following with a path full of vices, traumas, pleasures, which lead this pure being, as it grows and matures, to loose innocence generating a selfish and insensitive being.

" this solo show explores  the notion of hedonism versus redemption, and how we grow further from innocence."
Forbes (read complete note)
“A Loss of Innocence explores our own humanity as we mature, become increasingly desensitized, and ultimately grow further away from our incorruptibility as children”
Dansk Magazine (read complete note)

We took scenes with iconic characters

from old cartoons and intervened them

with the artist's style.

We aimed on how to visually represent “the seeking of pleasure  no matter the consequence.”

Viewing this childhood symbols in an unsettling background, force the audience to re-think their relationship with their beloved characters.

Using rotoscopy and frame by frame animation let us gave other meaning to iconic scenes from our childhood.


We had the challenge of creating an advertisement for BMW that would lead the brand to experiment in more artistic environments. This is why we dared to use rotoscoping and frame by frame techniques to get to the finishes of the fauvist art with textures typical of acrylic paint.


Client: Fauves

Creative Direction: John Paul Fauves & Vibrato Studio

Art Direction: John Paul Fauves

Animation: Vibrato Studio

Post-Production: Vibrato Studio

Music & Sound : Vibrato Studio

Based on the Art of: John Paul Fauves