Ciudad Creativa del Diseño

Fundación Humanos

  1. Visual Communication
  2. Graphic Design

Brand Identity for the project to postulate San José as a Creative City of Design of UNESCO

Costa Rica



San José Ciudad Creativa is a project of Fundación Humanoos to postulate our capital as a Creative City of Design in the UNESCO’s Creatives Cities Network and we had the opportunity to be part of this amazing initiative.

This Network is made up of more than 150 cities that have recognized creativity as an important and strategic factor in its Sustainable Development, stimulating and promoting citizen participation for the co-creation of policies, ideas, projects and initiatives to create solutions for the problems that many cities face and the creation of collective spaces for the enjoyment of all citizens.


We developed a brand image based on the collage, representing the various elements that make up the daily life in San José, full of different nuances, nothing homogeneous, thus rescuing the value that design and creativity gives when differences are seen as opportunities to realize new things, which ultimately give life to the city.

We wanted the project to have a fresh image, taking representative elements of life in San José

We use collage-like graphics to represent some of the many factors that make a city "creative"

We used heritage buildings of San José city to integrate them into the brand's graphic line.

We also created the postulation video, one that would release the project while capturing all kinds of activities that show creative life in our capital.


We had the challenge of creating an advertisement for BMW that would lead the brand to experiment in more artistic environments. This is why we dared to use rotoscoping and frame by frame techniques to get to the finishes of the fauvist art with textures typical of acrylic paint.


Client: Fundación Humanos

Direction: Vibrato Studio

Cast: People Around San José

Cinematography: Vibrato Studio

Drone Shots: Antony Poveda

Post-production: Vibrato Studio

Voice: Gisela Sánchez

Music: Vibrato Studio