Alts iz Farloyrn


  1. Video mapping
  2. Art installation
  3. RSVP Campaign

Animated canvas installations and campaign strategy  for the artist’s solo show “Alts iz Farloyrn”

Los Angeles



"Alts iz Farloyrn,” which translates to "All is Lost," was Steve McQueen’s first ever line on stage and represents Fauves own struggle with losing it all, yet discovering his true self. ​​​​​​​

We created an audiovisual projection experience for this one-night exhibition that took guests on a digital technicolor journey exploring “what is lost’ of Hollywood icons featuring works inspired by Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Steve McQueen.


We took the exhibition title “Alts iz Farloyrn” and created a journey using the Hollywood icons Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. The experience consisted in two “animated” art pieces, in which Fauves painted an abstract first stage of the Hollywood icons faces (a non-finished painting) to develop a video mapping installation completing the painting with diferentes morphing states of the actors faces..

We created a projection video to morph Marilyn and James faces into redesigned images.

We aimed on how to visually represent

“ how this Hollywood icons struggled to mentally escape their troubled career, fame and demons”

The whole idea was to take the traditional

canvas to the next immersive experience level


We had the challenge of creating an advertisement for BMW that would lead the brand to experiment in more artistic environments. This is why we dared to use rotoscoping and frame by frame techniques to get to the finishes of the fauvist art with textures typical of acrylic paint.


Client: Fauves

Creative Direction: John Paul Fauves & Vibrato Studio

Art Direction: John Paul Fauves

Animation: Vibrato Studio

Post-Production: Vibrato Studio

Music & Sound : Vibrato Studio

Based on the Art of: John Paul Fauves