Arcade Adventure


  1. Stage Design
  2. Video Mapping
  3. Motion Graphics

Vibrato’s first video-mapping show developed in 48 hours and presented in the Hardwarethon closing event.

Costa Rica



The Hardwarethon is the most challenging technological innovation competition in Costa Rica and for the 2018 edition we developed a closing show that was at the height of all the talent that flows during this event.

This is how we set the mission of producing a video mapping that presents in a conceptual way what is experienced during a Hardwarethon, highlighting the use of technology and, why not, a bit of the Geek culture that is experienced during the competition.

But, we wanted to go a little further and worked as if we were the twelfth participant team, assembling and producing during the event, living and enjoying to the maximum those 48 hours of creativity, teamwork and madness.


We decided that the best way to capture the culture that exists within a Hardwarethon was to live it firsthand, that is why we went in for 48 hours, as if we were one more participating team, to develop the video mapping installation that would serve as a closing show of the event.

That was how during the 48 hours, while the other teams were developing their projects, we managed to design the stage, build the structure and produced the music and audiovisual content under a retro geek travel concept showing what happens in a Hardwarethon.

We explored our maker side by experimenting in all our professional fields, from structural to sound and motion design.

We wanted to convey what it means to participate in a Hardwarethon through a kind of retro geek audiovisual journey.

It was really important to get into the Hardwarethon to finally transmit what you can experience during those intense 48 hours


We had the challenge of creating an advertisement for BMW that would lead the brand to experiment in more artistic environments. This is why we dared to use rotoscoping and frame by frame techniques to get to the finishes of the fauvist art with textures typical of acrylic paint.


Client: Hardwarethon

Concept: Vibrato Studio

Direction: Vibrato Studio

Motion Graphics: Vibrato Studio

Animation: Vibrato Studio

Post-Production: Vibrato Studio

Video mapping: Vibrato Studio

Music: Vibrato Studio